We are a like-minded Creative Tree.

When you see just Loose Lion on our albums.

You know it started with a few of us in the Dub Shack

collaborating at first note or first loop

or drum break of the songs.



It all started in the Dub Shack far away from each other’s home countries. Deep in the South of Taiwan.

The mountainside dragged slowly along the coast where the city met the ocean. 

Sharing space with local fisher men that chewed beetle nut with their missing teeth, howling dog packs, and wild monkey gangs

attacking your plastic bags as you travel past.

The interesting smell of the China sea and the short walks where we would om by the tree next to the sea.

As we recorded in the dub shack we would take breaks on the rusty boat.

Our tree was build here with the love of good vibes and friendship. Music was and still our universal language.

As a tree we collaborated together on studio releases and supported each other’s solo existence as freelance artists.

Our live setting brought the fire out in the groove for people to get down on and shake off that daily stress. ​

At the moment as the world stops moving from viruses, many of us are lockdown and our live shows have stopped.

Some of us had moved from the Rock and are back in their homelands trying to adapt. Meanwhile we still connect via online and we create.

Our music influences and cultures are a Fusion of Roots, Rock, Reggae, Dub, Funk, Blues, Hip Hop.

In the current NEWS:

We just released Jerome Meets King Wan Ep www.looselion.com/jeromemeetskingwan

We are planning and developing for this new digital evolution.

We are growing this TREE via cyberspace together for the future.

We have a few projects in the works. A Dub HipHop Album, Solo projects and NFTs.

We are looking for digital artists in our TREE to help with NFTs. We’ll share all NFT royalties.

We are planning to get fans, friends and family involved more with NFTs, so stay tuned for the Future





Please reach out and let us know you wanna be apart.